Children's Museum Reopens Post- Hurricane Katrina

Bluegrass has been called feel-good American music.

And there was quite a bit to feel good about Saturday afternoon.

This is the first time the sounds of music, and the sight of children have been seen and heard on the grounds of Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in almost nine months.

"Today has been a fairytale day, all the way from the landscaping that we've had put down, the mulch, all our families back, bluegrass fans making new friends each hour. We're delighted with just being able to open again," said the center's public relations representative Mary Anne Caldwell.

And the delight did not stop with the staff.

Children and their parents were happy to simply be back into the swing of things, like Lauren Burns, who is a part of the center's choir.

"Well, you just get to play a lot and you get to sing," said Burns.

She, along with the other children and children at heart, could do that and more Saturday, including paint a picture, get a picture painted on them, or simply eat good food.

But the fun is not just here on the outside.

Children and their parents are actually able to go inside the discovery center.

Only one floor is open to the public, but as you're about to see, one floor is good enough.

This is where the children's imaginations ran wild because they could be who they wanted to be.

"It is really fun, and you get like shop, you get to play tea, you get to dress up my friends over there," said Marissa Anderson.

And parents are happy their children can finally be kids again post-Hurricane Katrina, which is what the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is all about.

The fun also included a big donation.

Outback Steakhouse donated 110-thousand dollars to the museum.

And WalMart announced a collaboration with the museum to raise money through a relay campaign scheduled for July 1, which will also be the museum's grand reopening.