Humane Society Readies For Official Grand Opening

It's been nearly two months since animals from the Humane Society of South Mississippi have been moved into a new state-of-the-art facility in Gulfport, but the official grand opening ceremony won't take place for two more weeks.

As for the animals, things are looking up for them. Now, they have more space, all of the holding areas are indoors, and the new state-of-the-art facility is drawing in more potential pet owners than ever before. But there's still work to be done before the official grand opening ceremony on May 20.

"We have a few kinks in the building," said Humane Society worker Joe Elmore. "With that latest storm we had a few weeks ago, we found out we have a few little leaks here and there. And those are the kinds of things that happen in any new facility, so we'll touch up those things."

On Saturday afternoon, the shelter was bustling with activity, both inside and outside the pet cages. Humane Society leaders say adoption numbers are up, but so are the number of unwanted animals being dropped off at the shelter.

"We usually have about a couple of hundred. We have a little more than that right now because it's spring time. We're also running specials on our adoptions. It's $45 each to adopt, so you get two animals for the price of one. And we're hoping that people will increase the amount of animals they are adopting," Elmore said.

Shelter leaders are also looking to increase the number of workers on its staff.

"We're hiring all positions right now. We encourage everyone that would like to volunteer, or if they're looking for a job, we have managerial, supervisory and front line staff positions available right now," Elmore said.

The May 20 grand opening ceremony is open to the public.