Defense Asks For Halt In Jessie Williams' Civil Case

"We weren't expecting this because this is not normal. This is not something you typically expect. We're approaching day 100. May 15th will be the 100th day since Jessie was beaten to death and no one has been held accountable," said Williams' family attorney Michael Crosby.

According to Crosby, Jessie Lee Williams was beaten to death on February 4th in the custody of the Harrison County Sheriff's Department.

On March 14th, a civil lawsuit was filed on his family's behalf for 150 million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages.

But Thursday afternoon, Crosby received a motion from Sheriff Payne's attorney asking for a halt in the family's civil proceedings until the criminal investigation is complete.

The defense says it doesn't want to respond to allegations in the civil suit due to the pending criminal case to avoid self-incrimination.

A move Crosby says is frustrating.

"If somebody would have already been held accountable for the criminal side, then maybe we could say well, they are moving along like they should be and things are clicking along, then maybe they would be in good standing for asking for a bit of a delay. But they are not. Nothing has happened. There is no public position. No public statement, no public assurances. The sheriff could have come out and said my community, I am so sorry for what has happened. A man in my custody has been beaten to death, and that's inexcusable," said Crosby.