Some Gautier Residents Concerned New Townhomes Will Leave Them Without A Home

"I've got a nice garden, everything imaginable in there," Earl Hutchins says about the Anchor Trailer Park.

For the last 16 years, he's called the park home, and he likes it that way.

"I love the yard."

But he doesn't like finding out that he may soon have to leave.

"They're not considering us. They were here yesterday. Why in the world didn't they say they had the place up for sale? Why?"

That's also the question resident Karen Dunn wants answered.

"I am aggravated that this is the first I'm hearing of this," Dunn says.

She says it would cost $1500 to move her mobile home.

"There's really no concern for us people here that can't afford to move. Or it's not guaranteed that we can get our trailers to move," Dunn adds.

Resident Monica Perryman says, "It's like Katrina struck all over again. What am I going to do?"

Perryman says it took her four months to find this spot after Katrina. Even if she could afford to move, she says there aren't very many places for mobile homes to go.

"There's absolutely no land that I can afford anywhere. I basically have no place to move it."

For residents, there's still hope that the townhomes won't take over their neighborhood.

"It hasn't sold yet, as far as I know," Perryman says.

Dunn and Hutchins hope it doesn't.

"No, why are they doing it that way, making us feel mighty bad towards them," Hutchins says.

"I'm devastated with this. It's unreal if it does happen, I hope it doesn't," Dunn says.

Anchor Trailer Park owner Barbara Hooks says she hasn't sold the property yet. She says the townhome developers wanted to get approval from the city before purchasing the land.

Gautier Planning Director Ralph Hode says the plans will now go before the city council on May 16th. Hode says he's confident the council will approve them.