Pennsylvania Town Delivers Household Supplies To Pass Christian

A police escort ushers into Pass Christian the answers to a lot of prayers.

Salvation Army and city officials, along with Congressman Gene Taylor, welcomed four tractor trailer loads of relief supplies collected and shipped to South Mississippi by the town of Exton, Pennsylvania.

"It got started probably with the impedes of the Chamber of Commerce of Exton, Pennsylvania who just decided we need some help and got at it and got some interest going," says Ward 1 Alderman Lou Rizzardi.

Interest that Congressman Taylor says continues to pour in from all across the nation.

"We have been the beneficiary of such incredible generosity that it's something we ought to be grateful for every night when we say out prayers," says Taylor.

The donations of mostly household items will be cataloged, stored, then distributed to Pass Christian residents as they repair and move back into their homes.

"This furniture donation and shipment is going to be a great relief for many," says Salvation Army's Pass Christian Coordinator Susan Murray.

Truck driver and Pennsylvania native Roger Hess says he now, for the first time, sees for himself just how greatly that relief is still needed.

"When we get back, we've got to spread the word that they still need stuff down here," says Hess. "A lot of times people forget after a while."

That's something Alderman Lou Rizzardi says is every bit as important and appreciated as this shipment.

"We're still going to be at this two, three, four years from now, so we wish the American public will stay tuned because we have more things we're going to need. And their generosity, we're just counting on it."