Hubbard's Neck Marks Consistent With Choking, Attorney Says

The attorney representing Jessie Hubbard's family says a second autopsy confirms what they've said all along, that Hubbard did not kill himself in the Moss Point Jail.

"There weren't any marks consistent with a hanging on his neck. The marks on his neck were more consistent with that of a choke hold," says attorney Ben Crump.

Crump says another inmate saw a scuffle between Hubbard and officers, but he stopped short of saying they murdered Hubbard.

"There are some things, we believe, that they did to cause his death. Now whether it was deliberate or with malice and forethought, I'm not sure. But this witness said quite convincingly that they were pretty upset and they were angry with Mr. Hubbard because he said some things that they retaliated against."

NAACP President Curley Clark says a second inmate backs that up.

"Who also collaborates the information of the first witness that there was some inappropriate conduct performed by some of the officers of the Moss Point Police Department toward Mr. Hubbard," Clark says.

Based on those findings, Crump and Clark say they have repeatedly asked for access to the cell where Hubbard was held. They say checking it out could clear up a lot of their questions, but they say the police chief won't let them in.

"To look at what possible ways he could have elevated himself in that jail cell, because we believe that it was physically impossible for him to hang himself," Crump says.

Holding his picture, Hubbard's widow says she thinks the justice system is failing her husband.

"I want justice. I want the truth to be known because I know for a fact my husband did not commit suicide," says Marilyn Hubbard.

The FBI is involved in this investigation but Clark has asked the agency to expand its probe to determine whether Hubbard's civil rights were violated.

The Moss Point Police Chief didn't return our calls for comment

Mayor Xavier Bishop says, "The first autopsy clearly stated Hubbard committed suicide. Until I am presented with evidence to the contrary, then Mr. Hubbard - unfortunate as it was - committed suicide while in the custody of the Moss Point Police Department."

District Attorney Tony Lawrence says the case will go to a grand jury when the investigation is completed.