Biloxi Eight Flags Display All Flying American Flag

Eight American flags are flying at full staff at the display at Porter Avenue in Biloxi, and a city spokesman says Old Glory will remain there, at least for the time being.

A Biloxi citizen asked the mayor to put up eight American flags after the terrorist attacks to show the city's patriotism. Mayor A.J. Holloway says the original flags will go back up eventually, but no date has been set to make the change.

"We want to leave the U.S. flags flying for the time being so people will see them for a while," Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel said. "If they're looking for the eight flags that have flown over Biloxi over the 300 years, we also have a flag display near Hancock Bank on Highway 90."

Flags are still flying at half staff at Biloxi Fire stations. The International Association of Fire Chiefs has asked departments to keep them at half staff at least until October 11th, so there is a full 30-day mourning period for the victims of the terrorist attacks.