Disaster Recovery Center Closing in Moss Point

The Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) in Moss Point will CLOSE permanently on Sat., May 6.

The Ocean Springs DRC is remaining open for all Jackson County residents.

The Moss Point DRC will be consolidated within the Ocean Springs DRC (next to America's Thrift Store on Hwy. 90).

·FEMA is in the process of mailing out eviction notices to a small number of residents living in temporary housing (mobile homes and travel trailers). Only 2 or 3 percent of Jackson County residents will receive these notices and have 30 days to appeal. These eviction notices are only being sent to residents who don't qualify for housing assistance. For example: Residents who have a travel trailer at a second house, Residents with no proof of pre-storm address, Residents who received multiple trainers after filing for divorce or separation.

· FEMA and MEMA caseworkers are visiting with all Coast residents living in temporary housing in person to ensure "they are making an effort to move into permanent housing at the earliest possible opportunity." Families in FEMA housing need to demonstrate every 60 to 90 days what they're doing to pursuing permanent housing.

· Exactly 10,062 Jackson County families are living in FEMA temporary housing (travel trailers and mobile homes) as of 04/28/06. FEMA has removed more than 3,000 travel trailers from JC private property since Jan. 2006.