Two Charged In Fatal Hit And Run

In Cynthia Harris's eyes, her 90-year-old dad Peaches is the hero who saved her Alzheimer's stricken mother and pregnant daughter from Hurricane Katrina. When water filled their D'Iberville home, Peaches broke out the ceiling and pushed the two women up, away from danger.

"He got up there and he was too weak, and he told me he just held onto the rafters... The muddy water was gushing in and he said the windows and everything exploded with wind burst and the water gushed in and everything was crazy and he said, 'Well Lord, I guess this is it.' And then the water stopped."

They all made it through the hurricane alive, but their house was gutted. After the storm, Cynthia's 78-year-old mom went to live with her granddaughter in Arizona. Peaches moved in with Cynthia and his walks along the causeway became a daily ritual. Cynthia says her dad always loved the water.

"He loved fishing so that was a blessing. He'd walk down there and, of course, tell all the young people they didn't know how to fish and they loved him. He'd walk about six times a day and visit everybody and he was doing beautifully," Cynthia says.

When Cynthia got home from work Wednesday, her neighbor told her an elderly man was hit on the causeway. It was her dad.

"I will find out who mowed my father down because it was extensive and it was a severe hit. I will, if it's the last thing I do, I will find out who hit my dad. And what I want to know is just why didn't he stop? Why didn't he stop?."

That question haunts Cynthia as her family prepares to say a final goodbye to their beloved Peaches.

"My dad was not only my dad, he was my very best friend and my mentor and my hero. And he loved this area and was well known by everybody and we've lost a great man."

Peaches Harris will be buried in D'Iberville next Tuesday morning. He leaves behind his wife of 57 years, Jewel, four daughters, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Richard Leleaux, 38, and Marion McVay, 28, are in jail charged with the hit and run death of Mr. Harris. Police aren't releasing any other details.