Biloxi's Seashore Retirement Community To Be Sold

The Seashore Retirement Community is home to about 120 people, and has been for 40 years. But that tradition on the Biloxi beachfront property will soon come to an end.

"The first reason is that it's in a dangerous area. The second reason is that we can take the proceeds and invest them all back into a new facility where we don't run the extreme risk of being right on the beach with frail elders," said Mississippi Methodist Senior Services President Steve McAlilly.

McAlilly says Methodist Senior Services will gladly relocate residents to its other facilities throughout the state or even assist them in finding something else.

But this does not sit well with quite a few residents, some of whom have lived here for years.

"If they'd say, 'Okay, we're going to build something and you stay here and we'll give you another place,' I wouldn't say a word about that. But just to turn us out on the street and say, 'Well, maybe we'll build something in two years, and we'll give you first choice. Maybe. We don't know. We don't have any real plans. We can't show you anything that says what we're going to do and what we're not going to do,'" said resident Dora Dees.

Mary Wimberly's 90-year-old mother has lived here since January, and she believes it is not fair to any of the residents.

"I know that the Methodist Senior Services is facing a money crunch, but yet they're treating the individuals who live here as if they were just anonymous digits," said Wimberly.

But Dorothy Dickson, a resident of one year, disagrees.

"All they want to do is build a bigger and better place for all of us to go to. And I know it's scary to some because, you know, they're here and they don't know where they're going or anything else, but you know God takes care of us," said Dickson.

"Their motto is serving seniors with Christian love. Now if that's Christian love, I tell you, I need to be re-educated," said Dees.

Steve McAlilly promises Methodist Senior Services will do everything it can to ease the transition. However, he could not give us any information about who is buying the property.