Volunteers Respond To Home Repair Appeal

We have a follow-up to the story we shared about a Biloxi woman's desperate need for repairs to her house, so her critically ill husband can come home from the hospital.

Marian Burdine is smiling. There's been a heart warming response to her appeal for help.

"Go all the way up to the ceiling," said Glenn Bell, as he directed a sheetrock hanging crew.

Bell can float sheetrock with the best of 'em.

Glenn and his brother Donnie make quite a team. Nailing dry wall is second nature to these boys from North Carolina. Add Glenn's son Alan and you've got a team that can easily sheetrock an average size home in a day's time.

This day they're donating their rapid fire hammers.

The Bell brothers saw our story about Marian Burdine needing a finished house to bring her dying husband home. Turns out the hearts of these North Carolinians are as big as their hammer pounding biceps.

"Well, we seen the piece that you ran the first of the week. And we said, 'We're not doing nothing. Let's help her out,'" said Glenn Bell.

It's not just the Bells pitching in. Strangers and friends have responded.

"These other volunteers showed up. And my friend I called this morning, Steve Brosh, he said, 'I'll go get your air conditioning unit.' So, he's pulling out the old one so they can sheet rock in there," said a smiling Marian Burdine.

What goes around comes around for the Carolina boys. Mississippi isn't the only hurricane bulls eye.

"We've got through it on that coast too. And people from all over the country came in," said Donald Bell.

Time remains critical. Edward Burdine hopes to make it home, but remains very ill.

"He went back into ICU this morning, and he's reintubated with the respirator tube. But we're just keeping praying and going from there," said his wife.

The "flying hammers" from North Carolina will do their part to make the walls are ready.

Marian Burdine works in the Personnel Support Detachment at the Seabee Base. Her co-workers helped organize the ongoing effort to get her storm-damaged home repaired.