Fatal House Fire

At 10:22 Tuesday night, a call came in from an off duty Gulfport policeman who happened to be driving past the scene of a fire. By the time the bystanders were making the phone call to alert the authorites, they said the house was fully engulfed in flames.

John Koonce, who lives in the trailer park says, "I heard popping sounds, woke me up about ten thirty, banging, and the dog whining, and when I looked out I could see the back end of the building was fully engulfed in flames from the ground floor up."  The two story brick house on the property of the Mabry's Red Barn R-V Park caught fire.

Living inside the home was the caretaker of the park and his family. According to firefighters, a young woman and her child managed to get out. Their injuries were minor, a firefighter was also treated at the scene. Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove says three others did not make it, including an elderly woman in a wheelchair, identified as 93-year-old Jimmie Mabry,  a 17- month-old child, identified as Justin Cuevas and Justin's father, 35-year-old  Darryl Cuevas who had already escaped the fire. Darryl went in to save Mabry and Justin but none of them came out.

Darryl Cuevas's wife, Jerri and their other son were transported to Garden Park Medical Center. They are both in stable condition.

Just outside the home, as the fire still burned, the American flag stood untouched by the flames, still at half staff.

By Jeff Lawson