Former NFL Star Gives Message Of Hope To Moss Point Students

"It is nothing we can do about yesterday. But if we want to change tomorrow, we have to look at today," says former NFL star Mike McCoy.

All eyes were on Former Green Bay Packer Mike McCoy as he shared words of hope and determination to Ed Mayo students.

"You never really catch stars down here in the South, and because we actually got to see one is really good," says Ed Mayo student Chante Lett.

"The things we put in our mind and hearts and the things we allow to influence us determines who we will become in a short period of time," says McCoy.

And while many of these young people found themselves star struck, these students did not lose focus.

"Keep trying if you want to accomplish a goal," says Ed Mayo student Donavan Montgomery ..

"Make a good outcome whether it is good or bad," says Ed Mayo student Daniel Roberts.

"I think a lot of young people look up to professional athletes, whether that is right or wrong, and we try to use that in a positive way," says McCoy.

McCoy, along with the local group Youth for Christ is taking that positive message to our youth, to inspire them on their path to success.

"I think it is very hard for young people today because of the pressures you are under. And combine the pressures that has happened in the last seven eight months, it is very difficult," says McCoy.

But McCoy hopes through his encouraging words, he will ease some of those difficult days for students at Ed Mayo.

"They are our future and it keeps me young," says McCoy.