Weekend Storm Moves Capitol Eagle

The winds of Katrina didn't budge it. But the eagle on top of the State Capitol changed directions during Saturday night's storm.

The solid copper eagle is coated in gold, and weighs 2800 pounds. He's perched 180 feet high and stands eight feet tall and 15 feet wide.

He usually faces due south - marking Mississippi's history as a Confederate state. But 50 mile an hour winds turned him southeast Saturday night.

Lobbyist John Sullivan works at the capitol and noticed it immediately.

"It's always my habit after a storm to look up at the eagle and see just how bad it was. There was a lot of debris on the ground and, sure enough, he was turned a little to the side," Sullivan said.

"They normally use the National Guard, using a helicopter, to turn him around. Add a little weight and that should secure him," Capitol Hostess Earnestine Collins said.

The last time a storm turned the eagle was four years ago. Mississippi is the only state whose eagle faces south. All others face toward Washington D.C.