Taconi Students Spend The Day With The Environment

A fifth grade student at Taconi Elementary School looked down at the Mississippi Sound and smiled. "Hey there are bunches of fish over here," he said.

The challenge for the fifth graders was to reel in one of those fish. Taconi kids spent this picture perfect day at Gulf Islands National Seashore. Taconi teacher Margaret Pepper said, "It's more than a field day. It truly is an outdoor classroom."

The classroom included some organized chaos. Students raced 40 feet through a field, to see if they could go as fast as alligators. They stood on one leg and tried to hold that position for one hour, just like a heron does. They even hopped like frogs.

The marine life education day was the culmination of an annual science project.

According to teacher Lora McHugh, "They come out here to actually see them in person and do a few more activities I guess that just bring those ideas home to them."

For instance, a game of tag helped reinforce the turtle lessons taught in class. "What we're reinforcing is the lifestyle of the sea turtle," said Pepper. "The treachery that they go through to survive."

When the fishing expedition ended, the students went back to class and filled out their learning logs. They wrote about everything they caught on this outdoor adventure.