Flooded Neighborhood Frustrates Gulfport Woman

Brenda Smith took her concerns about flooding to Gulfport City Hall Tuesday.


She's appeared before the city council before, complaining about ongoing drainage problems in the "Wingate II" subdivision.

"I can't seem to keep my mind on anything these days except this water coming into our home," said Smith, as she gave a reporter a tour of the soggy subdivision.

The latest flooding nightmare in the "Wingate II" subdivision came just last week. At least a half dozen homes had water inside.  The flood waters rose rapidly as the rains came down hard.

"I just really can't explain the total devastation that you go through during something like this. And it's only been three months since this subdivision was three feet under water. And we got about two feet of water during this last storm."

Smith says it's much more than an inconvenience. It can be a health hazard.

"I mean we were afraid in one of the homes last Wednesday, that we were going to be electrocuted, simply because the power is on and you're going into a home that's got two feet of water standing in the floor and you hear the sizzling noise coming out of the sockets in the house."

It's easy to sense the frustration in Smith's voice.

"We have called every conceivable person with city hall, streets and drainage, water and sewer. Nobody seems to be taking this seriously."

The drainage ditch that's supposed to drain Brenda Smith's neighborhood eventually ends at three old culverts on Dedeaux Road. But when the water gets to be too much it doesn't go over the top of Dedeaux Road, it simply backs up into Smith's subdivision.

"It's kind of like putting all this flood water through a straw. You may get a trickle of water going under Dedeaux Road but you don't get a flow of water."

She's tired of talking about the floodwater and simply wants some answers about improving the drainage.

"It's just devastating to everybody. It just seems like no one listens to us. No one is paying attention to us."