Seabee Base Employees Help Co Worker Rebuild

Members of the Personnel Support Detachment at the Seabee Base are determined to support a friend and fellow employee. They're helping a Biloxi woman rebuild her storm-damaged house so her critically ill husband can come home from the hospital.

Marian Burdine oversees home repairs, holds down a job, helps raise her children and visits her critically ill husband at Oschner's Medical Center. She and her family stayed home for the hurricane and had to be rescued by a neighbor as the house filled with water.

"Back in October, a church group came and helped us gut it out. My husband was hospitalized twice in September and twice in October. And he's had surgeries many times since. And he's been in the hospital this time since January," she said.

Her co-workers from the Seabee Base have helped with the home repairs. They're determined to finish the project, helping a friend whose husband is so sick.

"He's been in the hospital since January. And I've never seen a woman as strong as her. And we've got to do something. And that's the reason I called you guys," said Connie Jackson, who's Marian Burdine's supervisor at work.

Edward Burdine remains critically ill. Doctors have done all they can.

"Because he's not going to make it. And he wants to come home. And I need to get my house rebuilt. 'Cause I can't put him in a FEMA trailer," said his wife.

Petty officer Terrence Gregory is doing all he can. The real need now is for experienced sheetrock hangers.

"Very important project to me, because I believe every man deserves to be in his own home. Particularly when you're ill. Sometimes the best medicine is to be at your own home," said Gregory.

Co-workers are determined to make it happen for their friend, whose been through both the hurricane and some significant storms of life.

"We've got to get this house finished to bring her husband home," said Jackson.

All this labor of love needs, is a few skilled workers.

Time is critical in finishing the home repair project. They have the materials, but need the skilled labor and volunteers.

If you'd like to help, you can contact Petty Officer Terrence Gregory at (228) 871-4239.