South Mississippians React To "United 93"

"United 93" documents the last moments of passengers on the ill-fated flight which ultimately crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

It was one of four flights hijacked by terrorists five years ago, but for many, it seems like it happened just yesterday.

So was the movie appropriate for such a deeply affected audience?

Many South Mississippians believe it is.

"I think our country, our nation has forgotten the events that have taken place in the past from 9-11, and these men and women are actually the true heroes of the country, protecting our borders. They took those responsibilities in their own hands, and I think we ought to hold them in high honor with integrity," said Robert Lansdale.

You may remember the hijacked Flight 93 was reportedly headed for our nation's capital on September 11th.

The passengers on board are credited with preventing that attack from happening by attempting to take control of the plane.

Many believe this movie tastefully pays tribute to those who some believe put their country before themselves.

"I'm just really stunned. I just feel that I've learned so much from it, and I feel that after seeing it, we can improve upon that ways that we have taken a look at flying and that type of thing," said Carolyn Rushing.

"We don't need to forget what happened to us and let our guard down. It broke my heart and it made me angry at the same time to think that someone would kill so many innocent people just to prove a point,"said Frankie Duggan.

"It brought me back to when 9-11 started and just the thought of seeing United 93 of what everybody went through and it was sad, but it was also a very great movie,"said Linda Ortega.

"United 93" is currently showing at the Cinemark in Gulfport and the Grand Theatre in D'Iberville.