Gautier Residents Enjoy 4th Annual Pig Out Fest

"I would like two pork sandwich plates but on the second one I want you to put four extra ribs," says Gautier resident Ken Taylor.

No calories or carbohydrates were counted on this day as Gautier residents pigged out on some southern favorites like Barbecue ribs and potato salad.

"Diets are off since Katrina," says Taylor.

"Their is no such thing as a diet in my vocabulary," says Gautier resident Chris Watrous.

"Everybody need to come and get fat today," says Gautier resident Tammy Clausell.

Its is all apart of the annual Pig Out Fest, a time for residents to take the day off from their Katrina troubles, and have a little fun

"I need four lemonades please For these residents," says Watrous.

Barbecue and relaxation, at least for this weekend, is taking the place of repairing and cleaning up the mess Katrina left behind.

"It is just delightful to walk away, go out have a break and take it easy and have a good time," says Taylor.

Chris Clausell better known as the barbecue man agrees, he says the coast should have more events like this to help to lift people's spirits.

"I think we should have one of these events two to three times a year," says Gautier resident Chris Clausell.

Even if that does not happen residents say they are glad to have this day to just pig out.