Don Culpepper Reports On NFL Draft Fan Reaction

The most enthusiastic fans at The Sports Pub in D'Iberville were a group of visiting contractors from Houston who already knew who their hometown Texans were taking with the first pick.

"No way," they screamed as it's announced that the Houston Texans selected Defensive End Mario Williams.

They still couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"You're throwing it away," says Mark Davidhizar of Houston. "You're throwing it away. It's like giving up Michael Jordan."

And with that the debate was on about who the Saints would take. Sports Pub Bartender and life long Saint fan M. K. "McGoo" Rogers knows something about poor draft day decisions from his favorite team.

"Yes, they have quiet a propensity to screw up drafts," says Rogers. "Russell Erkslaben was again available for the draft this year so maybe they'll scoop him up again."

There was no shortage of opinion on what the Saints should do.

"On general principal you should probably draft Reggie Bush," says Danny Williams of Dallas. "On trade value if nothing else."

"They're probably talk into a trade with either Tennessee or New York," speculates Thomas Sharp of Ocean Springs.

But when the announcement finally came that the Saints selected Reggie Bush, no one was booing the Black and Gold this time.

"I knew they'd get him," says Tommy Payne of Biloxi. "I think that's a good pick for them. We really need it."

"The New Orleans Saints just made the best pick they've ever made," says Williams.

"Best ever in their franchise, given up by people who throw away their draft pick," says a disgusted Davidhizar.

It was maybe the luckiest break ever for a team that's due one.