Coast Woman Overcomes Adversity and Receives National Recognition

A national magazine has recognized a coast business woman for her drive, determination and her persistence. After interviewing thousands of women across the country "Essence" magazine chose Kearn Cherry of Biloxi as one of four "Comeback Queens."

"Comeback Queens" are women who didn't give up after business failures. Kearn Cherry says her home health company is thriving, but hers hasn't always been a success story. She tried and failed at two businesses before this one took off.

"I realized from the second business the key was marketing, streamlining your marketing," said Cherry. "Getting out and talking to people in the community who you may not think are your type of clients. You never know they may just send you a referral."

Cherry says she learned several important lessons from her failures, like having a good support system and not being afraid to ask for advice. Cherry says another thing she's learned is that in business you get what you pay for.

Cherry said "People tell me all the time oh that cost 20 dollars or my business card cost me 50 bucks. Well if you want good business cards you need to pay a descent price because that's essential. A business card is gonna talk long after you stop talking."

Cherry believes a good business doesn't lose touch with the client's needs. She spends a lot of personal time with our client and goes out and do some of the work herself so that she can stay involved and know what's going on in her line of work.

Since the article appeared in Essence,Cherry says she's received phone calls from women all over the country wanting to know her secret to success.

Her advice is "Take your experience from that go forward and try again.".

Cherry's business employs twenty people and she says at the present rate she should see a 50 percent increase in profits next year.

by Danielle Thomas