Volunteer Removing Storm Damaged Vehicles In Hancock County

Look on most every street in Hancock County and you'll see water-soaked and damaged cars that Katrina battered beyond repair.

"There are cars everywhere there are still places where I know there are a couple cars in trees," John Eisinger said.

Eisinger is from Minnesota. He brought his tow truck to South Mississippi to clear cars for an insurance company. When that job ended, he decided to stay and continue helping storm victims get rid of damaged cars.

"It's pretty hard to rebuild your house when you've got 99 Ford Taurus on your front porch."

Eisinger is doing the work at no charge. He says the battered vehicles are on the road to becoming serious health hazards.

"They're behind things, on top of things, they're in the way, they're smelly. Snakes are a factor. There's a lot of mold growing in them, they're unhealthy. They are remnants of the storm that got soaked with sea water and they're not good for anything anymore."

So far, Eisinger has towed away about 300 cars. He says it's a win-win situation for everyone.

"I take these cars, we get some scrap money for them, buys some fuel. It keeps us alive and then the homeowner doesn't have to pay to have them dragged off," Eisinger said.

He says it could take years to get all the storm damaged cars and trucks cleared. But with every one hauled away, the coast's recovery process moves a step forward.

"Be patient, 'cause I'm only one guy with one truck, but I'll put you on a list and I'll get around to getting your car as soon as I can."

If you have a Katrina battered car or truck you want removed from your property, you can contact John Eisinger at 228-547-0979.

by Al Showers