U.S. Attorney Answers Inmate Beating Questions

The man heading up the Jessie Lee Williams homicide investigation at the Harrison County jail says people need to be patient.

"We're moving at a good speed," U.S. Attorney Dunn Lampton said. "We're working with the civil rights department in Washington D.C. We're bringing all of these elements together."

Lampton won't say when a federal grand jury will hear evidence about the February beating that killed Williams. But when it does, he's sure justice will be served.

"So all I can do is ask for people to be patient," he said. "This is an important case. But we're working on it as hard as we can."

Williams died almost three months ago. Since then, his death has been ruled a homicide. And two jailers linked to the booking room beating have lost their jobs. Yet no criminal charged have been filed.

"The answer is it hasn't taken long," the U.S. Attorney said. "I mean when you look at other cases and other timelines this isn't anything out of the ordinary. I know it's frustrating for news organizations, for families, and I've talked with the family, but they just have to understand that it be done correctly, and be done on our timetable. And we're looking for an end result that is ultimately viewed as being justice."

Lampton said he met with Harrison County Sheriff George Payne on Wednesday to discuss the Williams case. The U.S. Attorney has advised the sheriff not to talk about the investigation.