Last Members Of NMBC 133 Welcomed Home

The highly anticipated return of the last group of service members from the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 finally came to pass Wednesday night. Soldiers from all parts of the country make up the 651 members.

The eagerness is apparent as friends and family impatiently wait for the return of their loved ones.

"I have got chills look," said Monica Quinn, who has not seen her husband in six months.

Signs of gratitude, hopeful eyes, and sheer excitement filled the Air National Guard Base in Gulfport.

Lisa Tyson, her four year old daughter Angel, and the little man on the way have waited six long months to be reunited with the Seabee they call "Husband" and "Daddy."

Tyson says the time spent away from her husband has been painful.

"Its been hard, pretty hard, especially with the pregnancy. It was tough, but its his job. You do what you have to do," said Tyson.

Laura Quinn turned 7 on Wednesday. Her birthday gift came wrapped in camouflage.

"Daddy," screamed Laura.

She could not hold back her tears.

Her mother Monica says they have been through some tough times. But since Katrina, their bond has grown stronger and the six-month separation was unbearable.

"We have been married 16 years. We have been through this many times, but this one is different," said Quinn.

Angel's daddy made it home, and so did all of the members of the 133. Commanding Officer Allan Stratnan says he was extremely proud to bring home the last group.

"It's a relief. One of the goals we set was to bring everybody home - 651 guys got on the plane and 651 got off," said Stratnan.

Stratnan says he believes what brought all of the Seabees back, was their willingness to take care of each other while overseas.

Five Seabees were wounded in duty, they will be awarded the Purple Heart during ceremonies at the Seabee base on May 8th.