FEMA Clarifies Re-certification Process For Trailer Residents

A follow up to a story we brought you Tuesday about FEMA trailers and eviction letters. Dozens of people have called WLOX worried about being kicked out of their FEMA trailers. Wednesday, FEMA sent out a new release further explaining the re-certification process.

The status of nearly 40,000 FEMA trailer occupants must be reviewed every 60 to 90 days. People must show they are making progress to more permanent living arrangements like finding a new home, apartment or mobile home, or making repairs to their damaged homes.

What are the responsibilities of temporary housing occupants?

  • Occupants should develop and pursue permanent housing plans while living in FEMA-provided temporary housing.
  • Families in FEMA-provided travel trailers or mobile homes should accept the first offer of adequate, alternate housing when it becomes available.
  • Renters need to contact their previous landlords to find out if they will be permitted to move back into their former units.
  • Homeowners should follow-up with contractors on the progress of the repair/rebuilding work.
  • FEMA housing occupants with no housing plans will be given information and tools to help them find available housing.

What occurs during the recertification process?

  • Flyers will be given to the occupants or placed on their doors to inform them that the housing advisor is coming. The advisor will call to set up an appointment to meet with each applicant in the travel trailer or mobile home.
  • Housing advisors carry FEMA identification. While they are there, they will check the condition of the unit. If repairs are necessary, a work order request may be submitted.
  • Housing advisors will help each applicant develop a housing plan and direct them to resources in the community to help meet their needs.
  • The advisors will follow-up regularly on the progress of applicants in carrying out their permanent housing plan.