Moss Point Resident Unhappy With City's New Garbage Collector

One Moss Point woman says she is fed up with the city's new trash collectors. After years with the company Disposal, Moss Point hired Red River to pick up garbage in the city. But some residents say since Red River's contract began in April, service has been lacking.

Annie Simms says her garbage fees have increased, but service has not.

"I know that the companies is aware of it because I have called and let them know that they are not picking up the trash like they are supposed to," Simms says.

Simms says those calls have fallen on deaf ears. She says the company never follows the pick up schedule. And when the garbage is picked up, she says workers leave behind a big mess.

"Most of time I have to go to pick my garbage cans up and bring them back in my yard or they will leave it out in the street," Simms adds.

Simms says the city made a huge mistake by hiring the company and something should be done about it.

"I feel they should have stayed with Disposal that picked up two times a week like they were, because everything would be much cleaner."

But Mayor Xavier Bishop disagrees. He says Red River has a good track record.

"I am pleased with the level of commitment I have seen from Red River to achieve the best for the citizens of Moss Point," Mayor Bishop says.

Bishop says Red River is going through a transitional phase.

"Once the operation is fully in place, they will use automated trucks, in which case the things that Ms. Simms described will be eliminated," Bishop adds.

Annie Simms hopes the kinks will be worked out soon. Until then, the mayor hopes everyone will be patient.

Mayor Bishop says no one should use the blue Disposal cans for garbage. To get a Red River can or for any other garbage related questions, contact Moss Point City Hall at 475-0300.