Coast Church Preaches Hope

Several coast mayors proclaimed Sunday as a day to give and to pray for those affected by the tragic attacks on our country. At one Biloxi church, the congregation also took the time to pay tribute to public safety workers and military servicemen.

Some members of First Pentecostal Church in Biloxi say they are still emotionally devastated by the terrorists attacks on September 11th.

"I've cried every day over it," Church member Amy Bosarge said. "This is America. We all are together. We all are brothers and sisters, and we're one nation under God. When something like this happens, especially if you're a Christian, it's going to hurt you because it's hurting other people."

The church thanked emergency workers and military personnel for the help they give the community during a tribute service. Since the tragedies, some say can they sense the public's heartfelt appreciation.

"People seem to go that extra step to say thank you these days and it's very good," John Jennings said. "It's nice to be appreciated I guess."

For the hundreds of people at the service, the light of hope is not one easily flickered out, not even by acts of terrorism.

"We wanted to present that America is moving forward," Rev. Paul Springer said. "Surely the tragedies happened, but we wanted our people to know that there is hope, and we want to present hope."

Rev. Springer says through songs and speeches of hope, he wants to reassure Americans that with God's help, we will get through this difficult period.

By Danielle Thomas