Wind Pool Insurance Worries Pascagoula Residents

"This is our home, and I can't imagine living anywhere else," says Pascagoula resident Donna Bosco.

Bosco lived in her home on the beach in Pascagoula for 15 years before Katrina came along.

Because her home is on the water, Bosco pays for Wind Pool, a state insurance program.

But now that she's in the process of building her new home, she worries about a possible 400 percent increase in wind pool insurance.

"It makes me sick.  I have still have not collected everything from this last storm," says Bosco.

Her neighbor Buzz Alrgilliere says he's always planned to rebuild his waterfront home since it was washed away by Katrina.

"My house plans are a hundred percent.  I am about to submit them for approval; then after that, everything was go," says Alrgilliere.

Now, he has put the brakes on those plans because of the possible huge increase in premiums.  He simply cannot afford the increase.

"My insurance premium would go up roughly from $2400 to $9600 a year, which, even if I could afford it, why would I want to [pay that much]," says Alrgilliere.

While both residents have chosen different paths for now, their goal is the same, to stop the increase of wind pool insurance before it happens.

"Maybe Gene Taylor, Trent Lott somebody can step in and help us out, maybe even our insurance commissioner and look at this and say this is not right and look at other options," Bosco says.

"The government is going to have to step in and create a hurricane policy the same way they do with flood," says Alrgilliere.

Until then, the neighbors say they will pray the 400 percent increase does not become a reality any time soon.

"People can not afford to live here.  We will have no tax base and no people, if they do not do something," says Bosco.