Biloxi NAACP Holds Drive To Boost Membership

The Biloxi branch of the NAACP opened its doors Saturday in an effort to recruit more members.

The local membership drive was a part of the NAACP's national effort to enlist more members. The office on Main Street in Biloxi was open as part of that event.

Members say in addition to signing up new members, the purpose of today's event was also to fellowship with the community. They also wanted to explain to people what the NAACP is all about.

"A lot of people have some preconcieved ideas about the NAACP and why it exists and why it's here," Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell said. "We want to really tell them the real reason why it's here; that it is to be a positive influence on this community and try to help this community fluorish."

The Biloxi branch of the NAACP currently has about 250 members.