Sen. Thad Cochran Reassures Americans They Will Prevail

"I know that our people are united with our president and with our nation's leaders to insure that we are successful in this campaign against fear and terrorism," Sen. Thad Cochran told the crowd gathered for the 23rd annual Republican Cookout.

He stressed the need for unity in order for America to prevail. Some people in the audience said those were words they needed to hear.

"We all need to be reassured over and over again that this not going to be the kind of war that we think of as war, but it will be a war on terrorism that will take a long time to fight and we must all be patient and united in it," Prima Plauche said.

"Thad is really echoing what the president had to say," Delbert Hoseman said.  "Patience and justice are the two things we really need and I think he's doing a great job. I think he's right on the mark."

Although the president has made many television appearances assuring an American victory, some people say hearing those words in person makes a big difference. Sen. Cochran says this is a time when elected officials are under pressure.

"You feel a sense of responsibility like never before to do what's right to think through all these challenges," Sen. Cochran said. "To be sure we make the right decisions about legislation that we're supporting to give the president the authorities he needs to overcome this terror."

By Danielle Thomas