Pascagoula Students Warned Of New Flavored Tobacco Products

Students at Central Elementary in Pascagoula on Monday were the first to view a new 30 second commercial from the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi. The spot called "The Candy Factory" teaches them about new flavored products tobacco companies are using.

"I will rate it the best commercial for kids to watch," says Central Elementary student Raven Blake.

"It was so colorful, and it made you interested and it was eye popping," says Central Elementary student Wille White.

"One hundred thumbs up," says Central Elementary student Katie Coakley .

The three were among the 100 little critics who got a first-hand look at a new commercial targeting tobacco.

The mini-cartoon, filled with bright colors and characters, was created by the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi.

Its purpose is to make children and adults aware of dangers involved with new flavored tobacco. With so many sweet flavors, the group says they do not want children to fall prey to the tobacco company's games.

After Watching the commercial students say their answer is "no" to any type of drugs.

"It teaches you a good lesson not to do drugs and it messes up your life," says Coakley

"It spreads the truth about drug companies and how they're trying to lure people in to smoke so they can make more money," says White

"Just do not do drugs, and do not try tobacco or nothing," says Blake.

The 30 second commercial will begin airing across the state this week.