Biloxi Police Chief Looking Forward To New Challenges In Vicksburg

"I was contacted by the city of Vicksburg, and we met. I liked what they had to say and apparently they liked me," Biloxi Police Chief Tommy Moffett said.

Chief Moffett has been a Biloxi Police officer since 1973. He was ready to retire, at least for a little while. But he says this offer is too good to pass up.

"I'm only 51 years old, although I know I look much younger. And so that's a little early to retire altogether, but I was to relax a little bit. But the job opportunity is here, the city says they need me. The police department obviously needs me, and I am about serving people."

Vicksburg's Mayor says that Chief Moffett has a very strong reputation for being a disciplinarian, and that is exactly what that city needs to run its department.

"I'm prepared to go and work for them, and feel like maybe I can make a difference. Maybe we can move their department forward."

The search for Chief Moffett's replacement is already underway. Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway says the city will look within the department and will advertise outside the area for the new police chief.

"We're looking for someone with a proven record, does not necessarily have to have been a chief, but we want somebody with a lot of experience who can step in and take over and keep us on the right track again," Mayor Holloway said.

Mayor Holloway had words of praise for Chief Moffett, saying his leadership brought a high level of respectability to the Biloxi Police Department.