Pascagoula Teacher Wins National Award

When we visited science teacher Christine Barron, she was showing her students how mold grows. She doesn't just talk to her students at Colmer Middle School. She takes a hands-on approach to learning.

Barron says when she's teaching science, which she loves, she enjoys sharing that love with her students and she hopes to spark the same excitement in them. It's that enthusiasm for teaching, and her ability to motivate students, parents and fellow teachers that earned Barron the "National Student-Teacher of the Year" award. She won that honor while working as a student-teacher at the school last year.

Barron says she was excited when she got word about the award, and it's kind of nice to know that people are watching what she's doing and appreciating her efforts. Assistant Principal Stephanie Yeager says Barron does a lot of hands-on manipulative things with the students, and keeps their attention. She's right in the middle of the students while she's teaching, and that keeps the children interested.

The students agree that their teacher really stands out. A.J. Olivares says she's like a friend. They can talk to her, and she can answer their questions. Lisa Wierson says Barron's teaching method is different from other teachers. She does a lot of projects with them and she's just fun.

That's why the students say Miss Barron, who mixes fun with learning, deserves to be at the head of the class. Barron will receive her plaque in Orlando, Fla., in November. Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, and the Association of Teacher Educators are sponsoring the award.