Post-Katrina Progress In Historic Turkey Creek

Like many communities, the Turkey Creek area received quite a bit of damage from Hurricane Katrina.

But also like many communities, signs of recovery are evident, like here at the home of longtime resident Occletta Norwood.

"We were starting to do some work on the house when the storm came up," said Norwood.

Her home received about 6 feet of water, and she basically lost everything inside.

But she's thankful her home is still standing, and she is enjoying redecorating her home - counting down the days she can officially move out of her FEMA trailer.

"We have had a lot of help. A lot of the church people have helped us and we've had a lot of friends to come by and help and all. We've been really blessed," said Norwood.

Her neighbors across the street have been blessed by volunteers as well, so much so that the FEMA trailer has been taken away and they are back in their home once again.

"It's in better shape now than it was. I got a new house out of it. Everything in here is new now," said Eugene Johnson.

"We were quite concerned about how quickly the residents could recover , but the faith based came. The Lord moved in hearts, and they came and they restored life. Many of these residents are starting to move back into their homes. It is just so wonderful to see the blessings that came from all of the churches and the non profit organizations that made this community of Turkey Creek so wonderful," said Ward 3 councilwoman Ella Holmes- Hines.

Rev. Calvin Jackson is a staple within the Turkey Creek community, and believes with such a successful rebound post-Katrina, the future- just like the community's history - looks outstanding.

"It's a start on the way of showing me that a recovery is in progress," said Rev Jackson.

Councilwoman Hines says water had never gotten into many of the old homes within the historic community before Hurricane Katrina.