Volunteers Build Post Katrina Playground In Pass Christian

After building playgrounds in Bay St. Louis, Kiln and Waveland.

Volunteers with the Kaboom group decided the children of Pass Christian needed a park of their own.

Back in February Kaboom had a "Design Day" with the children of the Pass who drew their dream playgrounds.

Saturday that dream came true at War Memorial Park.

A little less than six hours of hard from more than 500 volunteers and the result was a six thousand square foot playground.

War Memorial Park was transformed thanks to volunteers with the Kaboom organization who partnered with the Home Depot and hundreds of volunteers like Mike Maggio grew up on the coast.

He says even though his address is now in Arkansas, he felt compelled to lending a helping hand after Katrina.

"This part of the Gulf coast will always be a part of me. It is part of who I am. Living and growing up on the beach I had to help, I had to be part of it," said Maggio.

For Maggio the trip was also a reunion catching up with friends he has not seen in twenty years.

They all flew in from different parts of the country to help out in any way they can.

"Those of us that are living out in Connecticut, Arkansas, spread out everywhere, Atlanta, Washington DC we knew we had to do something. It was so overwhelming that we had to come. We needed to come and bring some hope," said Maggio.

Hundreds of other volunteers plus about 200 children also showed up to take part in the project These kids are creating mosaic stepping stones unlike many others.

"Instead of just using tile we have had local residents donate pieces of debris and some other china that they lost. So these stones are so significant they've got a piece of their hearts in the parks," said Sarah Pinsky of Kaboom.

Kaboom says their mission is far from complete.

They plan on building 100 playgrounds on the Gulf coast in the next two years. The next stop on their list is Biloxi and Gulfport.