No Arrests Made In Jessie Williams Case

It's been 77 days since the death of Gulfport inmate Jessie Lee Williams. While authorities say they have proof of those involved in his alleged beating at the Harrison County Jail on February 4th, no arrests have been made.

"It's clear that if even if Mr. Williams had even scratched the officer's cheek in an altercation during an attempt, he would have been charged with a felony immediately of simple assault or misdemeanor assault on a law enforcement officer. Had the shoes been reversed, Mr. Williams would be in jail, probably held without bond," said attorney and Gulfport NAACP president Felicia Dunn Burkes.

One officer has resigned, another has been terminated, but there's still no word from Sheriff George Payne. The sheriff has said he is under orders from the U.S. Attorney not to speak about the investigation.

The Williams Family's attorney Michael Crosby says the sheriff is an elected official and can say something.

"What would be wrong with the sheriff coming out and saying, 'I will not tolerate abuse in my jail. I will not tolerate guards and other deputies standing by while someone is beaten to death. I will not tolerate someone being tortured or having a bag put on his head with mace sprayed in there.' Why can't he say, 'My community, I will not let this happen. I will take action. I will fire anyone doing that,'" said Crosby.

The Gulfport chapter of the NAACP continues to circulate a petition calling for the removal of Sheriff George Payne from office.

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