Debris Removal Begins From Hancock County Pools

Work crews in Hancock County are now removing storm debris from private swimming pools. The Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract for the work to a local company, K & L Construction. On Thursday, workers began the clean up.

"What we're doing right now is, you might say, sanitizing these swimming pools. We have a contract with Ashbritt to treat these pools, get the debris out of them, look for hazardous materials, remains, get rid of this health hazard," said contractor Clarence Lee.

Many pools in Hancock County look even worse than they did the day after Katrina came ashore. They're filled with items the storm tossed around, and have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, snakes, and bacteria.

That is why this crew is anxious to get to as many damaged pools as it can.

"Once they've been drained with the bulk of the water and the bulk of the debris has been removed, then what we will do is we will come in and fill them, either with sand within eight to ten inches from the top. O r if the homeowner wants to put the pool back into use within a short period of time, what we'll do is we'll fence it with an orange safety fencing, putting the poles ten feet apart, and fence it. It's a cautionary step to where somebody doesn't wander off there in the evening and fall off into the pool," said contractor Marcel Crettet.

The crews are made up of local workers who say they're ready to help if you have a problem with your pool.

"I was a barber here in Waveland and I knew a lot of people here and it hurts to see their homes destroyed, but it feels good to be doing something," said Lee.

If you are a Hancock County resident and need debris removed from your pool, call (228) 255-7538 by May 5th. Please have your right of entry number on hand when you call.