Former POW Finally Gets Military Funeral

"We knew this day would finally come we just didn't know it would be so many months after he died," says Tim Kriehn.

The family and friends who knew his dad, Colonel Norman Kriehn said their long delayed good-byes, first at a memorial service in Biloxi, then at the VA cemetery where he was buried in September. This ceremony was with the full military honors that were missing in the chaotic days after the hurricane.

Kreihn's 30 year military career took him to Europe, Korea and Vietnam.

"He navigated B-17s in the war over Germany. His plane was shot down, he spent half a year in a POW camp, Stalag Luft 3. He was liberated by General Patton's troops. He reentered the Air Force a few years later and retired in 1972."

Kriehn and his dad rode out the storm in the house Colonel Kriehn and his wife built after his retirement. The colonel somehow cut his arm in the hurricane and died two days later. He was buried September 20th, but his son says the funeral his dad really wanted would have to wait.

"We simply interred him and said, 'We'll have a memorial service later.' And it took us this long to finally get it right."

On his dad's 90th birthday, Kriehn has a lot of happy memories.

"He was an honest fellow, straight forward, a military man and he had a terrific sense of humor."

Kriehn says his dad would be very appreciative to be laid to rest in such honored ground.