Moore Pushes Metro

Attorney General Mike Moore says he believes metro law enforcement would work in three areas of the state, the coast, Meridian and Tupelo. Moore says in in all three places, city police chiefs already have good relationships with the county sheriffs. "One of those three areas oughta get smart and efficient and save taxpayers a lot of dollars and probably do a better job of fightin' crime by forming metro law enforcement."

At a meeting in Gulfport earlier this week, Moore urged metro supporters to put it into place, especially when we see so many different agencies working together in New York and Washington. "We oughta set an example right here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so take a look at that," Moore says. Pass Christian Chief John Dubuisson says Harrison County is already doing that by consolidating police communications so all departments can talk to each other, sharing information. "It would pool everybody's resources. It would make a small department like mine a lot more efficient as far as bein' able to access things that we don't have and we do that already with our consolidated narcotics unit," says Dubuisson.  Gulfport Police Chief Wayne Payne says, "We have four dispatches located in Harrison County where we could combine all that and have one or two and if we did that at once our communication between law enforcement agencies would be better, and because that communication is better I think we'll be able to solve more crimes."

The chiefs say that's the main advantage of joining forces, as well as saving taxpayers' dollars in keeping public safety the top priority. Dubuisson and Payne say a metro effort would have to be organized to determine who would be the county's top law enforcer and what role the sheriff and police chiefs would have.