Yacht Club, Casino At Odds Over Demolition

Facing several members of the Biloxi Yacht Club, Demolition Superintendent Jim Manley said, "You've had your hand out expecting Harrah's to baby-sit this site."

An unidentified club member responded, "No, you moved on to the damn site."

To which Manley responded, "We didn't move on to the site."

Frustrated club members say they want to know when Harrah's is going to finish cleaning off the club property they say Harrah's promised to do.

In an exchange with Manley, member Gaylord Wilson said, "You all were supposed to be cleaning the site. Look at the debris. Look at what you've done to the pool."

Manley said, "We were never supposed to take your debris."

Wilson said, "It's not our debris."

Manley said, "That's your debris, that's not Harrah's."

Wilson asked, "Well, what are you all supposed to be doing? Tell me what you're supposed to be doing?"

Manley answered, "We're moving the Harrah's property from the sites where it wound up."

The yacht club and the demolition team seem to have different ideas of what work is to be done. The club members say the company's heavy equipment damaged the pool and they want Harrah's to fix it.

"Our pool was never destroyed like it is. He's denying they did that but we have photographs before the storm and immediately after, a month after and as a few months ago," said Wilson.

The yacht club members say they've been patient enough and all they want is their property so they can get the club back in business again.

"We got a trailer waiting to come on here. Everybody, all the other yacht clubs, not all but ones that can is up and running and we're sitting here can't do anything," said Commodore Jerry Ellis.

Ellis hopes that will change after a meeting with casino representatives.

A representative with Harrah's in Memphis told us they have no comment.