Pascagoula's Renaissance Committee Presents Plan To City Leaders

The final plans are in to improve the City of Pascagoula. After dozens of community meetings and in-depth research on the city, the Renaissance Commission came up with a list of development proposals for the future. Tuesday night, the commission presented the results to city leaders.

"We are ready to bust loose and get things going," commission member Frank Corder said.

The Renaissance Commission's plan includes everything from economic development to neighborhood development.

"Help revitalize some blighted areas and encourage home ownership, bring in some modular home companies, help rebuild areas that are hard hit."

Boosting up the downtown area with more eateries and shops was also a major part of the proposal.

"We are trying to put multi level housing in above business. Our goal is to make more family friendly places."

And the ideas don't stop there. They include a possible access road for drivers to enter Pascagoula from the interstate, developing a new senior center and utilizing the river front.

"Along the river front, changing the zoning from industrial to commercial to encourage marinas, restaurants, condos on the river front."

There is also a proposal to turn the beach into a promenade so residents can walk their dogs or go for a jog.

"Right now there is a small walking path off of Beach Boulevard that can be turned into a tremendous area."

With so many ideas on the table, council members are hoping there is money to pay for it all.

"When you talk about big projects such as these, it's always in the back of your mind, how are you going to pay for it. That's the main thing," Councilman Joe Abeston said.

"They have good ideas, but you have make them materialize," Councilman Robert Stallworth said.

Other ideas presented were possibly hiring a city planner and creating a newsletter to help residents stay informed of what's happening in the city. The proposals will be reviewed by the city council and discussed at a later date.