Gautier Helper Gets Help Herself

A Gautier woman says as a person used to serving others, it wasn't easy to find herself as the one needing help.

Helen Lindsay is a member of "The Pie Ladies" at Gautier's First United Methodist Church. In the last decade, the group has raised more than $50,000 for charity.

So when Lindsay and her husband lost their home in Katrina, several businesses got together and built the couple a new house for free.

With her fellow Pie Ladies in tow, Helen Lindsay walked around her new home in amazement. In the past week, 76-year-old Helen and her 84-year-old husband Walter have gone from living in a Sunday school room at their church to a new 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.

"I still stand in awe because I would have never imagined in a million years to have been presented with a house like this," said Helen Lindsay.

Senator Trent Lott praised Fannie Mae, Safeway Homes and Daybreak Development - the businesses that made the Lindsays' move possible.

"This is about humanity," said Senator Lott. "This is about doing good things for others. I have learned over and over and over again since the hurricane that the true secret of America is not our form of government. It is our people. Just the generosity of the volunteers."

Senator Lott says it was a fitting and generous gift for a Pie Lady volunteer.

"I do prefer lemon ice box, if you don't mind. Pecan would be okay," said Senator Lott.

Still Lindsay says it was difficult to learn that it's okay for her to have a slice for herself now and then.

"I was the type of person that liked to give, but I had a problem with receiving things. But I've learned," Lindsay said. "I tell you, when this hurricane hit, I'm not the only one that's learned about giving and receiving."

There was a little bit of extra good news for the Lindsays Tuesday. Singing River Electric awarded the couple a $500 check as a reward for building an energy efficient home.