Moss Point Woman Says Homicide Victims Didn't Deserve To Die

"Today I was looking out of the window expecting for him to come down the street. But he's gone now,"Qieta Worlds cries.

It's hard for Worlds to believe the man she planned on marrying and the father of her youngest child Garian is dead.

"Gary was like a really good person. He not only took care of his baby but he took care of my other two kids. He was like their father,"Worlds says,"He was a real people person. He was just really friendly all the time. Whatever he could do to help someone, he would do that."

But on Friday night, someone took Gary Riley's life and his friend Brandon Taylor's life as well.

Both were found shot to death in a Chevy Tahoe here on Hilma Street in Moss Point.

Details surrounding the murders are still unclear.

But for Worlds, nothing would justify Riley's death.

"Definitely what happened, I don't know. But what I do know he didn't deserve to be killed."

Worlds says she wants the suspects to pay for what they did.

"I want them to go to jail. I'd hate to say I want them dead, but I do want them to hurry up and go to jail like real soon. I feel like not only did they cheat me out of him, but his parent, his family and the baby, she's not going to, you know, she's so little,"Worlds cries as she look down at her 3-month old baby.

But Worlds knows no punishment will ever bring Riley back.

"I miss him a lot. I wish I could call him and he would answer his phone or something, but he's in a better place now I guess."

The second murder victim Brandon Taylor also left behind a new-born baby.

If you have any information on the shooting or whereabouts of Laderrick Brown and Terrance Coleman, contact the Moss Point Police Department at 475-1711.