Local Songwriter Pens Tune About Terrorist Attacks

Music has always been apart of Keith Hunter's life like many Americans, Keith needed a way to release his feelings after last week's terrorist attacks.

"If I could, I would be up there in any way that I could, but I can't," Hunter said. "But music is a way I can send a message to my brothers in New York."

Keith wrote a song that centers around the new patriotism swelling through the nation and how Americans, no matter where they live, are brothers and sisters.

"Literally, several times I had to brush tears of the pages while I was writing."

Keith also felt it was important to get his children involved with the song. All three can be heard saying the Pledge of Allegiance quietly in the back ground.

"They always stay very interested in what I'm doing. They decided they wanted to make a contribution, and I found a really special place for them to participate in the song."

The song also expresses a deep anger about the attacks. One line calls for the terrorists responsible to burn.

"It's powerful, yes sir. That's the way I feel."

At first, the song was just for Keith. But since airing on a local radio station. it has grown into a new way for coast residents to deal with this tragedy.

By Ken Flanagan