Ship Island Hosts Hundreds

The number of people taking the Ship Island Excursion has been a pleasant surprise for the owners and operators of one of the coast's oldest and most popular tourist attractions.

The Skrmetta family began their 80th year in operation Friday. Despite the lack of hotel space and other inconveniences left by the hurricane, they say nearly 700 people have journeyed to Ship Island in the past 3 days.

Captain Louis Skrmetta says his guests have also adapted well to the new conditions on the Island like a lack of water, sewers, and electricity.

He says, "Folks are understanding that we have a temporary shortage of restroom facilities and water out there, but they're working with us. They're packing their belongings. What ever litter they bring out they bring back with them. They've been very cooperative."

Ship Island Excursions runs Wednesday through Sunday until Memorial Day, when daily trips begin. The daily schedule will run through mid August.