Patrice Clark Reports on Live Reenactment Of The Life And Death Of Jesus

"I can see, master, master, how can I ever repay you," says actor. From Jesus' miracles, to the last supper before his death. " This is my body broken for you," says actor. First Assembly members learned what Jesus' last days on earth may have been like. "It gives a rendition of the trial, the torment, and the triumph of Jesus Christ over the grave," says pastor Eric Camp. But that message did not come from a pastor preaching a usual Easter Sunday sermon. The pain and suffering of Jesus was shown through a live reenactment. "This preaches better than any sermon from a pulpit," says pastor Camp. The play gave members a chance to see what the road to Calvary was like with their own eyes. "By bringing it to life we know it will have an impact," says pastor Camp. . And idea echoed by Kelly Grizzard, who starred as Jesus in this dramatization. He says seeing the what torment Jesus went through has humbled him. " I come away with this with a greater respect for who Jesus was as son of God," says Grizzard. And while some members found it hard to watch some of the harsh scenes " I saw it and I actually cried about it," says church member Alyson Stokes. They all agree, looking at the Crucifixion of Jesus,and resurrection up close is more powerful than they imagined. "It is really hard to understand unless you see things visual,"says church member Brittany White. "To know because we sin he did that for us and just the love he had for us it just indescribable,"says Stokes. By Patrice Clark.