Coast Students Pray Around The Flag Pole

"See You At The Pole" provided teens at Gulfport High School an opportunity to come together and ask for God's help in coping with last week's terrorist attacks.

"'See You At The Pole' could not have come at a better time this year," one student said. "When our schools needed prayer the most, it was provided. God works in many, many ways."

Students prayed to God to comfort the victims' families and they stood silent as they remembered those who died. Part of the event was somber, but it was laced with music that was upbeat. The message here was that terror has brought the country together, and that unity will help them overcome.

"Christians are praying with Jews," one Gulfport student said. "Republicans are standing with Democrats. Skin colors have been covered by the ash of burning buildings. We thank you for these hours of unity."

"It's a great feeling, because I had no clue we would have this much support, that this many people would come," said James Weaver, a Gulfport High senior.

"It gives me a sense of comfort because everybody's in a sense of turmoil because of all the terrorist attacks and it just gives me a sense of safety and comfort that God's always there for us," said Julie Varnado, a Gulfport High sophomore.

"It made me feel much better about the whole terrorist acts that happend last week and just the fact that we're all together," said Ingram Brooks, a Gulfport High junior.

In the end, Post It Notes became messages to God as students wrote prayer requests and then stuck them to the flagpoles. Fellow students will pick up those notes and comfort each other with individual prayers.