Don Culpepper Reports On Family Adoption Program For Hurricane Victims

For these families, this is not the first time they've attempted to get aid from out side sources.

"We had gone through the Red Cross voucher program," says James Harris Jr. Co-Founder of the Guardian Angel Adoption Program. "And people were just really going through a lot for the assistance there."

That's where James Harris Jr. and his family got the idea that obtaining relief could and should be much simpler.

"There's no middle man," says Harris. "So you match one family here in need with 5 families or organizations across the country, and spread the need among them to help the one family here."

Today was Healing and Helping Day 2 in North Gulfport.

"They've filled out paper work early on and now they're basically waiting on the group from Little Rock to come here," says Ivan Harris, Associate Pastor of North Gulfport Church of Christ.

Others filled out paperwork that will include them in that number of families helped, which now stands at nearly 300.

"These are Intake forms that were just done today," says James Harris.

Documentation that speaks volumes about the needs that still exist.

"I don't have any sheet rock any floors or furniture or anything like that," says Gulfport residents Tammy Jones.

Relief this time came from the Lewis Street Church of Christ in Little Rock Arkansas. It was a welcomed reminder of the compassion that still exists across the entire nation.

"We're just happy to come down and give some support to our sister congregation in Gulfport Mississippi," says Anthony Jemerson of Little Rock Arkansas.

Support borne on the wings of this communities ever expanding group of guardian angels.

by Don Culpepper.