Jesus' Crucifixion Through The Eyes Of Children

The Way of the Cross took on new meaning this year for worshipers at "St. Peter's By the Sea Episcopal Church" in Gulfport.

"At the first station, Jesus is condemned to death", the pastor read. "What should we do with his?"

"Crucify him! Crucify him"! shouted the small crowd.

Instead of just retracing Jesus' final walk, at each station, the children got to relive the torture Jesus had to endure.

"We are going to wash our hands like Pilate did", Associate Pastor Sarah Odderstall said.

The children washed their hands, made crosses out of branches and yarn, and created a collage of mothers. Each activity symbolizes the significance of Jesus' suffering.

"So they took Jesus and tied his hands. Jesus is very weak from being beaten and whipped", the priest read.

The children also carried crosses.

"Jesus, help us learn to carry each other's hurts", the priest read.

"I'm thinking that He probably went through some pains", said eleven year old Gibson Odderstall. "But He knew people in the future would praise Him for what He did".

"I think He felt weak, not that strong", said ten year old Tabitha Williams. "But I think when He was carrying that cross, He was thinking about us".

"When they came to Calvary, a place called 'The Skull', they crucified Him with nails", the priest read.

As the children nailed pieces of cloth with their names to the cross, it served as a reminder of how they should live their own life.

"I hope they understand that the cross is about forgiveness, and grace, and salvation", said Father Edward O'Conner. "It's not just when we go to heaven, but today. This very day as well".

By: Trang Pham-Bui