Teens Carry Crosses In Jackson County For Good Friday

If you see them out, pay attention.

These eager Jackson County teens are trying to tell you something.

"We're trying to send messages out to young people and older people about Christ,"Jackie Evans says.

So for the next two days, these kids will be demonstrating what Jesus' last days were like by walking a total of 35 miles and sharing in the responsibility of carrying three big crosses.

"It's fun because you sort of get an idea of what Jesus went through and you're helping missionaries at the same time,"Brittanie Langley says.

All of the kids raised money to walk the via dolorosa or the way of the cross.

Little Jacob definitely did his part.

"He's raised 250 dollars so far this year,"Jacob's father Rob Riser says.

The money will then be used to help missionaries spread the word of the gospel.

"Lot of times when the missionaries get to foreign lands, they have to walk to and fro. We're able to supply them with vehicles, trucks, cars, vans, even p.a. equipment, sound equipment, multi-media equipment. Just whatever it takes to get the gospel out,"Coordinator Chris Nowell says.

But this way of the cross is no walk in the park for this generation of teens.

"Most of these kids aren't very active. They are a bunch of nintendo, x-box, play station 2 kids,"Nowell laughs.

Is it heavy?

"yeah," Little Jacob Riser sighs.

"It's probably about 40 pounds. But, I've got stamina,"Doug Synder says.

And they have the desire in their hearts to keep moving.

Because no matter how tired they get, they know Jesus suffered more.

"There was a man named Jesus over 2000 years ago that carried a cross and took our place. When it should have been us that died there, he went in our place,"Nowell says.

The teens started the walk in Gautier and will end today at the Orange Grove Assembly of God Church east of Pascagoula.

Tomorrow they will walk from there to the Three Rivers Assembly of God Church in Hurley.

All of the teens are from various churches in the area.